Original Productions & Ensemble Performances
The poignant stories of the Civil War still have the power to thrill, horrify & inspire. In the original production UNSUNG STORIES OF THE CIVIL WAR, three musician / presenters remind us of the timelessness of human nature through eyewitness dialog, historic images and original songs. A 90 minute production with projected images and original music performed by three musician / presenters.
Performance Fee: $3,500 plus travel
Second Performance:
In the mid-19th century Yankee settlers and European immigrants poured into the Upper Great Lakes region. Volumes of Shakespeare, hardangar fiddles and memories of music & entertainments elsewhere came with them. In new towns with aspirations, talk soon began of building a hall. Something grand, an opera house to see and hear the traveling companies, soloists & lecturers of the day. Traveling Show Tonight follows national touring artists onto the stages of the Upper Great lakes. In the process, we trace the development of American popular music and instruments like the banjo & the mandolin from 1843 to 1905. A 90 minute performance of period music and theater with a cast of four.
Young toads question their fat brown, bumpy appearance in comparison to the sleek fast frogs that live nearby. An older toad explains how each characteristic helps them to survive with singing visits from relatives. Toads and Frogs is an engaging interactive 35 minute performance for younger children that coordinates with K-3 science curriculum. It encourages K-3 children to be curious about how and why animals are the same or different. It also demonstrates how animals are affected by ecological changes. Toads and Frogs focuses on being respectful to others and the Earth.
Fee: $350 plus travel. reduced fees for multiple bookings

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