Woman’s health and Yoga (40HR)




Stand out among yoga teachers with this deep-dive into these common medical issues women face.

This course teaches many common woman issues and ways to augment treatment via yoga. The course author works daily with patients in these areas in a hospital setting and has seen great success with the proposed solutions.

This course does not replace medical advice. Always consult with your physician or encourage your students to do so.

Duration: approximately 40 hours including practical training

Format: Recordings and reading material

Certificate: Certificate of completion


Prenatal yoga
Yoga for Labour preparation
Postnatal yoga
Post-Cesarean yoga
Post-Hysterectomy yoga
PMS yoga
Yoga in menstruation
Post-menopausal yoga
Yoga for PCOS/PCOD
Infertility yoga
Yoga for Urinary incontinence
GDM yoga
Post-partum depression yoga
Yoga Alliance CE hours: 20 hours


Dr. Fariha Khalid, Vikash Petwal M.S, Sandhya Lakhera M.S.